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No movies

Brittney's sick :-( so the movies plan is cancelled. Feel better Brittney!!!!

I'm going over Christine's again today. lol she's probably sick of me. But I have to leave before 5 because I have to babysit. Fun fun.

I just got dressed about 10 minutes ago because Jimmy IMed me and told me I should because jehovah's witnesses, or one of those million dollar prize wagons, or terrorists might come to my door and I'd answer it. I was "fine, I'll get dressed!" lol. My away message amused me, so I'll let you read it:
Auto response from GreenDay11588: getting dressed (and probably putting on make-up) because some people (cough*Jimmy*cough) are telling me I should in case a terrorist comes to my door. Leave a message and I'll get back to you if I'm not taken hostage.

Yeah.... well I guess that's it for now... ttyl
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