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RIP everyone that was at the Station... :-(

Friday. The last official day of vacation since we always get Saturdays and Sundays off. Sucks.

Btw.. babysitting was really stupid. Ethan decided that I told him he could come over, so he did. I was like "no..." he stayed for like and hour, then left to bring a movie over! Ugh. Then he stayed for another hour. I was pissed. Finally I just kicked him out. But I got 20 bucks so I was happier.

Today already sucks. Ethan woke me up and asked if I wanted to go to the movies with him and Chris. I said "sure, I don't have anything else to do. I want to bring a friend though." and he's like "oh... I thought you'd say no..." So I'm not going. Oh well.

Mom said I have to do my homework today.. but I probably won't except for Computers since English isn't due until Tuesday. Yep, I'm a procrastinator. If I even spelled that right.

I want to go somewhere today... but I have stupid music lessons at 3:00PM. So I have to either go somewhere before 2:30PM or after 4:30PM. Ughh.

Oh tomorrow (or tonight)... anyone want to go to the movies or mall? Or something? lol. My parents can probably drive one way so let me know...

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