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Love Fern =o)


After I wrote my entry, I talked to Christine and Jill (after I got offline) and me and Katie (she came too.. lol we talked about it yesterday) got a ride there. Yay.

We got to the mall around 3 or so and ate lunch. I had Chinese. Yum. And I saw the creepy janitor. Ughh.

Then we went to the music store and looked around. At 4:00, we headed out to Jill's car because the movie was at 4:10. We couldn't find her car! So we're looking for her car in the pouring rain. Finally we found it and we drove to the theater. It took like 10 minutes to find a spot lol.

We saw How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. It was wicked good! I'm definitely buying it when it comes out.

We drove back to the mall and Jill bought ice cream. Then Katie, Christine, and I bought pretzels and lemonade (well that's what I bought... I think Katie got lemonade and Christine got a pretzel. lol) Then we looked around in JC Penney and Macy's. Fun times. In Macy's, we went up and down the escalator just for the hell of it. lol. Jill had to leave around 7:15, so we walked her to her car. Then we went back to Macy's and looked at clothes. While Christine tried on pants, me and Katie found prom dresses and tried them on. Katie's was pretty. Mine I picked out as a joke... I looked like a fairy/bride. lol I kept spinning and "waltzing". Haha I'm such a loser.

We headed to Claire's after that, where I proceeded to put some odd headbands with like springs with stuff on them (if you get that lol)... I do that everytime I go into Claire's because I'm a fag. I almost bought St. Patrick's Day stuff... but perhaps next time.

Went to T-Shirt City. Fun times. These guys were like following us though and one was like humping a Whoopie Cushion. We left rather fast lol.

Me and Katie bought stuff at Burger King and we all watched a bunch of people get kicked out of the mall. Wow.

My parents picked us up at 8:30. We went by where the Station was on the way home. It's completely gone. The sign's still there and underneath it is a sign for the band. It was so sad to see :-(

I had an awesome day. Good times.


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